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Music notation slideshows as a service

I recently received an e-mail from someone, but the sender’s address somehow did not come through. Anyway, I thought I’d post the sender’s question since it may be of interest […] Read more »

歲月如歌-陳奕迅 (衝上雲霄) / Songs of Years Gone By (Arr. 21)

Hello my Cantonese pop music fans (and everyone else)! This is my piano arrangement of 歲月如歌, the theme song from the 2003 TVB Hong Kong drama Triumph in the Skies […] Read more »

Rigaudon, from French Suite in B-flat major (Op. 51)

“Rigaudon” is the second movement from French Suite in B-flat Major (Op. 51), continuing from the Overture movement that I have dedicated to my piano teacher, Henry Waack. This movement, […] Read more »

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Composers, future success, and the task at hand

by Donald Campfield, D.M.A. We composers often ponder what it means to succeed in our profession, and sometimes we scratch out heads at the music-consuming world around us while asking […] Read more »

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Epic adventures in Directed Studies and the VSO (Part II)

(Continued from part I.) “Successful applicants will be notified the week of [Monday,] November 19, 2012”. —VSO Website And so I waited. When I hadn’t received any messages or calls […] Read more »

Latest works

歲月如歌-陳奕迅 (衝上雲霄) / Songs of Years Gone By
September 24, 2013
Rigaudon, from French Suite in B-flat major
August 17, 2013
French Overture in B-Flat Major
February 7, 2013
Video Game Suite No. 2
December 7, 2012